Hungry for sports: 7 football snack ideas to eat while watching the game

Ah fall! The time when football fans gather around the TV and begin following their favorite sports teams on their road to victory (hopefully). It’s a time of getting together, experiencing emotional roller coaster rides, and, last but not least—eating! With the gridiron season about to kick off, it’s time to start preparing for what football snack ideas you’ll want to eat. 

We’re not talking about preparing snacks for a championship-game party (that’s a whole beast on its own). The foods we’ve listed below are for those lower-key sports nights — either with a friend or two, or when you just want to wind down at the end of a workday. Even if your favorite team doesn’t win, at least your taste buds will. Now game on!

This tasty app will make sharing easy and let you eat without having to take your eyes off the game.


Just chili cheese dip the night away.


No sports party, big or small, is complete without chicken wings. 


These might be small but they pack some mean flavor. 


Nothing says “football party” like an easy guacamole recipe with zesty tomatoes, onion and lime juice.


No need to overwork yourself during the week to cheer on the home team. With this easy chili recipe you can lose the prep time without losing any of the flavor.


No need for a full-course dinner if your plan is to watch some sports — a hearty appetizer like these grilled chicken pops will be more than enough.